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We all had to face a new reality: both in private and economic lives. Isolation, no meetings and participation in events were especially difficult for enthusiasts, for whom hunting, shooting or outdoor activity is something more than just a hobby! While in many industries some actions were moved to virtual world thanks to modern technologies, nothing could substitute face to face meetings and meetings of hunters. Such an opportunity was offered by the Autumn Hunting Festival in Sosnowiec.

The event was organized on much smaller scale than before, however, it allowed the Festival visitors to renew their equipment: clothing, footwear or accessories.  There were also handicrafts and hunting cuisine delicacies. Enthusiasts appreciated the knifemakers’ offer, as well as outdoor and survival equipment.

Fans of bird of prey have met with Mr Marek Wozniak and other members of Polish Falconers Club, who have presented their birds, talked about their habits and how they can be used during hunting. Everyone could try shooting with replicas of various types of weapons or even try their hand at archery.

We would like to thank all the Exhibitors and Visitors, who were with us in these hard times. We have proved that hunting is passion, which joins us even in pandemic times!

EXPOHunting fair will return to the fair arena with double strength in the spring of 2021. Join us for the next edition of this event!